This faculty was initially establised in the district of Boyabat in affiliation to Ondokuz Mayıs University in accordance with the Law No.3837 published in the Official Gazette No.21281 of 11/07/1992. Later, it was affiliated to Sinop University in accordance with the Law No.5662 published in the Official Gazette No. 26536 of 29/05/2007. Following this, a new faculty building was constructed in 2010, thanks to which, a state of the art and a fully-equipped building was endowed to Sinop University. Boyabat Faculy of Economics and Administrative Sciences provides undergraduate education in four departments; Real Estate Development and Management, Political Science and Public Administration, International Business Administration and Commerce, and Health Care Management. The department of Political Science and Public Administration also provides postgraduate certificate (does not require a dissertation) and master’s degree (requires a dissertation) programmes. Additionally, the department of Business Administration offers a postrgraduate certificate programme (does not require a dissertation.)